January 5

Biscuits For Brunty

Martin Brunt FSF

Yesterday Elizabeth Filkin’s advice to the Metropolitan Police Service was released. She talked to a lot of people about a lot of things, some of which you may already be aware of. It seems that greater contact between the press and the Met has been recommended.

However the police have been warned not to accept alcohol from journalists on the off chance that it may loosen their tongues; add in the possibility of flirting and the mind boggles at what a journo could achieve if they put the effort in. Though it works both ways, where do you draw the line between a genuinely friendly person and someone who is flirting? If a police officer finds a hottie chatting them up whilst plying them with drink, it might be hard but they could just say no.

It seems that we as a nation should enter a team into the 2012 Olympics in the sport of journo bashing. Yes there has been phone hacking, yes people have been up to naughty things; though we need to remember that it wasn’t all journalists who carried out these crass actions. It also should be noted that the people who have been involved in naughty actions, have done so because they are bad people, not because they are media folk. Not every journalist is a meanie, some are rather nice.

Scotland Yard’s new media policy has led to a lack of leaks and a lack of biscuits; quoting Martin Brunt Scot Yard’s new media policy hitting me hard. Its not just the leaks, the usual flow of tea and biscuits has dried up completely. leads me to wonder when this will end. The poor man was stood outside for most of the day in what amounts to a rainbow of weather conditions; wet, windy, wet and windy. I knew this because I’m a bit of a boring sod at times and have Sky News on in the background for most of the day.

Lillys Miles (@fleetstreetfox) even made an emotional plea “Dear Sky: Please let @skymartinbrunt come in from the cold. He’s been out there days and looks even more miserable than normal #savebrunty.”

Hopefully they have let Brunty in for the night, till they send him back out into the wilderness. Unlike some people I know, he seems to be a hard working chap. Some people will still be munching on left over turkey, this man didn’t even have biscuits and brews from the met.

So if you care in any way, shape or form, then get yourself down the shop and the post office and join in with my appeal.

Biscuits for Brunty
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