October 9

The US and the UK’s special relationship

Recent weeks have highlighted to me the special relationship that exists between the United States of America and the UK. I speak not of the rhetoric that politicians often talk about, but something which has occurred between the mightiest power in the world and 1x Farmer, and 1x Champion vegetable grower.

Rihanna 1

It started in the back end of September when the huge US star Rihanna was filming part of a music video in Northern Ireland and was promptly informed by a farmer to put her clothes back on. Fans had caused traffic to come to a standstill and the farmer in question (Alan Graham) had come to collect his tractor from his cornfield and discovered what one presumes to be a scantily clad Rihanna.

Fair play for someone standing up for what they believe in, many people often complain that local councillors (of which Mr Graham is one) spoil peoples fun, but in this case I agree with him. This is just one occasion where she has seemingly had to cover up a little more, bit of a drop in the ocean compared to what she has done in the past and is most likely to do in the future.

Snoop Dog 1
Snoop Dogg

The second incident I refer to (ref: Champion Vegetables) occurs this month in October. The world record for the largest swede is held by a 68 year old man from Newport in the Peoples Republic of Taffistan, commonly referred to as Wales. This is no ordinary swede as it is a gargantuan 38kg. From across the pond famous rapper Snoop Dogg took note of this man’s achievement and produced a YouTube video, inviting him to come back stage and share the Welshman’s growing secrets. The mind boggles at what particular product Snoop Dogg grows back at home.

The 38kg swede

Ian says that he didn’t mind the rappers music, but that he also wouldn’t pay to go see the show again. What is it about older people which causes them to be nothing more than nice to everyone they meet, no matter how much of an oxygen thief they think someone is.

I henceforth recap; we hear so much about the special relationship which endures between the United States and the United Kingdom, and so much of this is from politicians and people who are important and in charge of things. It might seem that these two news items are the kind of weird stories that waste valuable headline space in place of other more important things, but I disagree. In the first story we have an example of a farmer standing up to someone who could probably have bought the corn field in which she was scantily clad (never mind the whole farm), he told her “how it is” in his eyes, and thus common decency was restored. In the second story, we have Snoop Dogg who donned appropriate clothing (A Cardiff City football shirt) and made a genuine plea for assistance from across the pond.

The special relationship between the USA and the UK has never been stronger as highlighted by a farmer and a vegetable grower. The Prime Minister keeps on banging on about his big society, it looks like two men with values and standards of the highest order are beating him to it.

As for Rihanna, I’d tell her to put some clothes on too (by getting her coat), then jump in what would have to be a bloody good car to impress her. If I had a car like that I’d have to visit Macchina Club to keep it in working order.

Rihanna 2
Howay pet, get ye coat

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