September 22

Your favourite Sky News presenters/reporters revealed!

It has been a busy week for me, work has been a bit mind numbing and non-stop; in the internet world it has been a manic month for me. My blog has been running less than a calendar month and has surpassed 1500+ page views, not a bad effort considering most of the content has been the topical contents of my brain spilling out on the internet. The busiest bit however, has been counting the results from all the emails I’ve been receiving about the Sky News Top Trumps competition that I have been running. The number of emails sits around 500 or so. Some are still at this moment trickling in to my mailbox.
You have been voting on five separate categories, many of which have been runaway successes. Please see below for the results of my Sky News Top Trumps blog post; along with the funniest snippets I remember seeing in the emails about the winners.
Mark Stone
Best Male:
Mark Stone wins the vote for the best male award. Voting for this award was the tightest out of all five categories. The majority of the emails that voted for Mr Stone expressed a sentiment regarding his reporting during the London rioting. A few women expressed an interest in taking him out for dinner; mentioning some of the other comments would lead to my blog being classed as X-rated.
Sarah-Jane Mee
Best Female:
Sarah-Jane Mee wins the vote for the best female award. Although second and third place (Charlotte Hawkins and Sophy Ridge respectively) did not have too much between them, Miss Mee was a runaway winner. As members of the armed forces would refer to her as a “GWA” (Ginger With Attitude), the general consensus of the civilian world was broadly similar with the most common platitude being “lovely AND a foxy red head.”
Adam Boulton
Best at Banter:
Adam Boulton wins the vote for the best at banter. His sharp politician discussion and the ability to wring a sly unknowing smile from even the least humorous of people are two of the factors that led Mr Boulton to win. In his time he has drilled enough people with the tough questions, in the search for the important answer. Weirdly a number of people emailed in asking if Joey Jones is secretly the offspring of Mr Boulton!
Jacquie Beltrao
Most want to go for a pint with:
Jacquie Beltrao  is the person that voters would most want to go for a pint with. Such reasoning as “she’s just mint” and “I think she’d be a right laugh on a night out” are two of the comments that were often displayed throughout many emails. Many people seem to think that she is the kind of person who could get away with being the ultimate party companion and also the top lass who you could take down your local for a chat about the latest tennis results.
Alex Crawford
Best Overall:
Alex Crawford received by far the biggest landslide of votes in any category. She has won the best overall category by a very large margin. Her ride to this victory is more than likely to have started when she rode into Tripoli with what were at the time Libyan rebels, and now are free Libyan citizens. She is by most markers a pretty hard-core reporter, and this is reflected by the number of RTS awards she has won thus far. I wouldn’t be surprised if she won another one this year. Miss Crawford was also the lead of the spear which pierced the heart of what appeared to be a slow and cumbersome BBC.
I hope everyone has enjoyed this light hearted look at the staff of Sky News. I won’t lie when I say that this mini competition has massively increased the number of people who have been reading this blog and that I’m very happy for that happening. I have a 10 step plan in my head of how I intent to shape the world and change it in some way, I guess I’m currently on step 2. Thank you once again for taking the time to read my blog; if you haven’t yet had a look around please do so, more importantly please remember to share if you like what you see.

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