September 8

Stay, Scotland!

Once, the people of these islands bled whilst facing each other. But the world has seen us standing side by side, proudly and magnificently, fighting not just for our liberty but for that of others. The glue, the foundation, the very fabric of what holds the United Kingdom together, is the people.

The referendum is indeed a golden opportunity – from Holme Fen to Ben Nevis – to reaffirm a belief in a blessed union. It’s true that similarities bring us together. But I remain convinced our differences – what we each bring to the table – are what make this country far stronger together that it would be if we stood apart.

I love my country. Many people have previously fought, bled and died for it. I do not wish to see it crumble.

[First posted online at The Spectator]

July 29

Should UKIP send people to social-media school?

Dear UKIP,

This week (29 July 14) I had the absolute pain pleasure of conversing with your social media idiot representative from Henley. We engaged in fruitful debate about a number of issues. However, there are one or two things I’d like to clarify if possible?

UKIP Journalist Accusation

Do UKIP share the view of @UKIPHenleyThame, in that any questioning of your party is to be taken as a personal attack on – presumably – Nigel Farage? Also, do UKIP share the view that any and all journalists are complicit in a conspiracy against Nigel Farage/UKIP?

UKIP Left Wing Journalist Accusation

Bearing in mind the number of Labour supporters that UKIP now attracts to its ranks, do you think it’s wrong to be a ‘left-wing journalist‘?

UKIP NUJ Accusation

I’m a member of the Conservative party, not left-wing and not a member of the NUJ; do UKIP consider the possibility that some of your local people may need training in basic skills such as research, PR and perhaps even intelligence? For the record, I’m not even a ‘proper‘ journalist.

UKIP Dummy Spitting Out

Do UKIP recognise the irony in a local UKIP account accusing people of not being grown up, after they’ve incorrectly assumed I was a left-wing, NUJ card-carrying journalist? Whether or not I would get on with left-wing journalists, at least they’re likely to think a little before putting their foot in it.

After all UKIP, why do you need enemies when you have friends like @UKIPHenleyThame? I’d be happy to return the dummy they spat out, if only I could find it.